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Новый Band-in-a-box
There now is a "Plug-in" mode for your favorite sequencer (RealBand, Sonar, Reaper, ProTools, FL-Studio, Nuendo and more). With the new plug-in mode, BB is open as a small always-on-top window, and acts as a plug-in for your favorite DAW/sequencer, so that you can Drag-n-Drop MIDI and audio (WAV) tracks from BB to your favorite sequencer. Work in your favorite sequencer, type a progression in Band-in-a-Box, and then simply drag the track from Band-in-a-Box to your sequencer's track at the desired track and bar location. No more long waits for RealTracks to generate! RealTracks generate much faster, 3X faster on average. A typical song with RealTracks that took 20 seconds to generate will generate now in about 6 seconds. And if you freeze some or all tracks in the song (see below), playback of RealTracks is almost instantaneous. Freezing (locking) MIDI or RealTracks/RealDrums. Any track can now be frozen (MIDI, RealTracks, or RealDrums). When frozen, it won't get changed or re-generated. This saves time when replaying previous songs, and allows you to freeze an arrangement that you like. If you freeze the whole song, you don't have to wait at all for the song to regenerate. Next time you play, it is ready to go. (note: this new freeze feature is different than the previous limited freeze feature that renders the whole arrangement to the audio track) Soloist generated RealTracks are now saved with the song, so you will hear the RealTracks play the same solo when you reload the song. RealTracks now support new features, including Shots, Holds, and Pushes. Simply type in the chords as you normally would, adding periods (…) for shots and holds, and the RealTracks will play them. RealTracks endings have been enhanced, and are now 4 bar endings instead of 2 bar, allowing time for a natural decay of the instruments. Multiple Undo support. Up to 999 levels of undo (configurable). Always Save all song settings. Now all settings are saved with songs, including patches, reverbs, volume etc., so that the song will play the same way each time, without having to set this in the Save With Patches dialog. Reverb control added for individual tracks with RealTracks or RealDrums, so you can easily add reverb (0 to 127) for any RealTrack. Reverb type also settable, and saved with the song. Bass/Treble Tone Control added for individual tracks with RealTracks or RealDrums, so you can easily adjust the bass/treble EQ for any RealTrack. Settings save with the song. Band-in-a-Box window is now sizable, when size changes, chord sheet, notation, and other windows redraw in proportion to the new size. This allows you to have BB open as a small window on screen with other programs, and you still see a full chord sheet. The screen size is remembered between sessions. New favorite songs/styles dialog, with separate lists of ‘recently played’ and favorite songs or styles. The previous ‘favorite’ songs/styles dialog was a list of recently used songs/styles. Now there are 2 tabs in this dialog, showing you both recently used songs/styles, and a new list of ‘favorites’ that you select as a favorite songs or styles. Favorite Song/Style lists can be edited, sorted, saved/loaded, and used with the jukebox. You can add an unlimited # of favorites. Also, a Sort button has been added to Favorite/Recent songs/styles dialog. Double time and half-time support for RealTracks added. Now you can play any RealTracks at half-time or double time. This allows you to, for example, in a ballad at tempo of 70, to add a RealTracks Sax solo with tempo of 140, and play it as a double time, which will match the ballad tempo of 70. So now all of your existing RealTracks can be used at 3 different tempos. (normal, half-time, double time) Automatic Tempo swapping of similar RealTracks. If you have similar RealTracks available at different tempos, BB will automatically choose the best one to use. For example, if you have a ballad loaded, with an Acoustic Bass RealTracks at tempo of 60, and you speed up the tempo to 140, and press play, BB will automatically choose an Acoustic Bass RealTracks closer to tempo of 140, if it is the same genre and feel. This means you can use a simple Jazz style, and play it at various tempos, without having to set the best RealTracks based on tempos. Rendering now has a Normalize option, to normalize individual tracks or the complete arrangement. Normalizing boosts the volume to a maximum level without distortion. Most professional music tracks are normalized. RealDrums picker dialog has been enhanced, with information about Artist name, Artist bio, and RealDrums Set number. Songs ‘Saved-As” a different name now have the new name added to the Recently used song dialog. Support enhanced for non-concert instruments (Bb/Eb sax, trumpet etc.). Now when chord sheet is transposed, you can type in chords in the transposed key, and they will show up as you have entered them, instead of requiring you to enter the chords in the concert key. Rendering songs to audio is now much faster for songs with no MIDI, such as RealStyles. Rendering RealTracks no longer require you to have a DXi or VST in use. Lyrics enhanced. Undo added for entry of individual lyrics ‘Enter’ and ‘Close’ button added to lyric entry Lyrics toggle to editable notation view if lyric mode is entered in note roll mode, so that lyrics are visible. More Soloists are now available, up to 2000. RealTracks Picker dialog enhanced :
- opens up faster.
- New Columns added (tempo swappable, holds type)
- Columns are now sizable, and remember the sizes Rendering WAV dialog enhanced. It has a simpler layout. The Render wav file doesn't need to be in same folder – it can be in any folder/drive. StylePicker is enhanced. Favorites and Recent styles now appear in this dialog as separate lists. It now has the ability to add/remove styles as favorites. A Favorite Style indication (F) shows up for each style. You can filter any list by only showing favorite styles. Over time, you can build up a list of favorite styles, and only show them when needed. Many messages changed to "yellow alerts” at top right of screen, so that you don’t have to respond to the message, interrupting work flow. And many more!
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1 neznaika   [Материал]
Уже забыл когда приобрёл прогу Bend-in-a-Box 2007. Её так расхваливали. Особенно подкупила реклама о реальных барабанах. Когда поставил, был сильно разачарован. Никаких барабанов не обнаружил, вместо барабанов играл контрабас или виолончель. Звуки как на детской игрушке. Вот что хорошо, так это гармонизация и импорт в миди. Созданную композицию экспортировать в миди файл, а потом открывать его в Cubase и редактировать с VSTi синтами. Но это мне кажется мало удобным, проще всё сразу в Cubase делать. Возможно, что дело в настройках, но я, как ни копался, ничего приятного не нашел. Может где можно послушать хотя бы демки этой легендарной програмки?
Ответ: На этом сайте показаны примеры, написанные этой программой.

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